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Lesbian Stereotypes

More Lesbian (Stereo?) Types ??

Not too long ago, when you told someone you were a lesbian, many times the response was “But you can’t be a lesbian! You don’t look like one!” I’m never quite sure how to respond to that remark, but I’m always sure it wasn’t a compliment! We all know lesbians with as many appearances as there are women and/or men. However, it *is* fun to play with the stereotypes!

The “butch” lesbian. This woman generally wears her hair very short, she’s usually fairly stocky and/or muscular, and she never wears make-up or dresses. Generally, a “butch” woman is a very “take charge” kinda woman, who doesn’t take any guff from anyone.

The “femme” lesbian. This woman generally is looking to take on the role of a “wife.” “Butch” and “fems” generally pair up well together.

“Lipstick” lesbian. This woman tends to wear make-up and dress in a very feminine manner.

“Political” lesbian. This woman has rejected the “patriarchy” to such an extent, that she only involves herself with women. She tends to insist very strongly on “women only” space in most everywhere she goes.

The “non-lesbian” lesbian. Most often found in school, this woman dates men and has physical relationships with her “friends.” When one of her “friends” falls in love with her, she will declare she’s *not* a lesbian – she likes men!

The “male” lesbian. We can’t forget this guy. Generally, he’s a guy who has a lot of lesbian friends. He’ll generally tell you he’s a “lesbian trapped in a male body!” This guy can be fun, if not taken too seriously.

Anyway, can you find yourself in any of those descriptions? No? Well, maybe a little of each then (although hopefully not the “male” lesbian)! Oh, and do let me know if I missed your favorite stereotype!


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